This is Ben Rao

The man can talk a mile a minute. This morning, he has more ideas and images of success in his mind than some of us will think of over the course of the next two weeks. But that's just how his brain works. This is Ben Rao.

For Rao, finding opportunity and creating solutions to shared problems is just part of his muscle memory. Over the past dozen years, he has made himself a fixture in Lee's Summit's entrepreneurial scene, starting a real estate tech company in his garage, playing a role with what is now Velocity LS, repurposing the former downtown Lee's Summit Post Office, purchasing the former Dayton Hotel building, and more. Those last two things are part of what he's calling a collision of his collective passions and skill sets into a set of businesses he sees playing a major role in the future of the community he now calls home. Rao sat down with Community Voices host Nick Parker to talk about entrepreneurship and some of his plans for the future.

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