This is Keri Hart, Tommy Thomas III & your local 4-H club

For many of us, when we hear of the 4-H club, we get an image of rural youth focusing on activities more likely to be seen on a farm rather than in suburban neighborhoods. While those images may be accurate, it's not the full picture... This is Keri Hart, Tommy Thomas III and your local 4-H club.

Keri Hart, a Lee's Summit resident and junior at Brighton Academy, the 4-H club has given her focus and a path to opportunities she says she may not have had through what some may call traditional community or school activities. Yes, her main involvement this year comes in the form of equine activities and archery, but she's also been active in photography, as well as other disciplines. Tommy Thomas III, 4-H Youth Development Specialist for Jackson County, said the organization has the resources and capacity to provide participating youth with access to virtually any subject where there is significant interest. The continuing goal for 4-H, he says, is to provide leadership training for youth from all environments.

Thomas, Hart, and her mother Theresa sat down with Community Voices host Nick Parker last week to talk about the club and its opportunities.

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