Business Spotlight: RCE-LIghting, Energy, Technology

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RCE - Lighting, Energy, Technology


(816) 554-9135


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Tell us your story. What does your business offer its customers and what drives you to be the best provider of this service/product?:

RCE - Lighting • Energy • Technology, develops lifestyle solutions for our customers. We specialize in LED fixtures and lighting techniques. Additionally, our energy services include solar, standby generators, electric vehicle charging stations and Tesla Powerwall battery installations. We have the most trusted and exciting brands in the personalized home category; from Bose, Sonos, Dish Network, to complete security installations. Using Nest and Flir together with IP based security systems, RCE can make everything you need just a click away.

RCE has been in business since 1995 serving Lee's Summit.

What is the business culture? Tell us why others would want to work with/for you?:

The reward is solving problems and getting things done. We hire only the best and give a lot of flexibility and control to our team.

What is a business success story from the previous three years?:

There are numerous times when we have been called to fix one problem in a house and observation realize there are other problems. When we investigate further we find very dangerous issues that we can solve right then and prevent a fire.

Time to toot your own horn? Give us three reasons why your business rocks and why you love what you do.:

  1. We are the best at what we do, from speed and experience, we deliver the most value to the customer

  2. We understand what it is like in deciding what professional to hire to come into your home or business

  3. We stay on the cutting edge and deliver long-term solutions which provide the best value for our customers