Business Spotlight: The Noticed Network

Link 2 Lee's Summit's Business Spotlight series focuses on Lee's Summit businesses and the services they provide. Today spotlight shines The Noticed Network. Based in the downtown business district, The Noticed Network focuses on programs and gifts designed to help customers identify and notice good and positive things about themselves and those they interact with.

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The Noticed Network

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Amy Johnson

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14 1/2 SW 3rd Street, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

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Why did you choose your location? What made it the ideal space for your business? 
It just made sense to be in the heart of Lee's Summit

Tell us your story. What does your business offer its customers and what drives you to be the best provider of this service/product? 
The Noticed Network was founded right here in Lee's Summit Missouri with a simple, yet powerful mission to make sure that everyone in the world is Noticed. That is a BIG mission and we have developed many ways of inspiring people to Notice the goodness in their own lives and then ripple that goodness out into the world by Noticing the people in their lives. We offer products and services that focus around The Noticed Philosophy. These products include a line of "Noticed" gift items (, and services including coaching, and training provided by Amy Johnson (
What is the business culture? Tell us why others would want to work with/for you? 

The culture of The Noticed Network and The Space is all about looking for and reminding ourselves and the people in our lives (and throughout the world even) of our goodness and the goodness in others. It's a happy, feel good kind of environment. I call The Space a "Hub of Goodness". On the front door it reads "The Space be you ... to connect ... to be Noticed. The Space is the local expression of the global mission of The Noticed Network. It's all about inspiring people to notice the goodness in themselves and others. It's what I call The Noticed Effect. As a matter of fact that is my signature speaking program; The Noticed Effect — the science, art and impact of worthiness - The Noticed Effect is all about Noticing and being Noticed, and it has a universal appeal because regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or nationality everyone needs to know that they matter, that they are Noticed. Noticing is so simple, and yet so powerful. It is an easy and fun way to make a positive difference in the world. To Notice someone is to share a specific, heartfelt compliment and a tangible reminder so that the recipient will always remember that he or she was Noticed. The Noticed Effect has proven to be so powerful because it has such a positive impact on both the Noticer, the person who is Noticed, and the world. It's win-win-win. I just want to love the whole world and I feel like that's what I get to do every day through The Noticed Network and The Space. People want to be a part of it because it feels good :)

What is a business success story from the previous three years? 
Our biggest successes are in the stories we receive from people about the impact that being Noticed has had on them. You can read some of those stories

Time to toot your own horn? Give us three reasons why your business rocks and why you love what you do. 
The potential to positively impact the world is really limitless. We have already seen the impact of Noticing around the world — and we're just getting started. 

EVERYONE who comes to The Space or becomes a part of The Noticed Network can be a part of the goodness. There are thousands of people who have joined us in the mission to Notice the people in their lives by sharing a heartfelt compliment and a Noticed gift as a tangible reminder. I am in the business of reminding people that they are Noticed and that they matter, and inspiring others to do that too. Who wouldn't love that!?!?!?