Lee’s Summit Chamber Supports Continuation of Out-of-State Vehicle Sales Tax

The Lee’s Summit Chamber Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the continuation of the out-of-state vehicle sales tax at its July 20 board meeting. It was determined by leaders serving on the board that an endorsement was in the long-term best interest of our community. Voters headed to the polls on August 2 will be asked to vote on the continuation, and the Chamber encourages voters to support this important initiative.

The Vehicle Sales Tax Renewal is not a new tax, but simply a continuation of the city’s collection of this tax for several years. The tax only applies to motor vehicles, boats, trailers and outboard motors purchased out of the state. Money generated has long been a part of Lee’s Summit’s General Fund, which provides for a number of basic city services, such as road maintenance and repairs.

Without passage, the total revenue loss to the city is estimated at $880,000, based upon past purchases from out-of-state car dealerships. More importantly, the existence of this tax creates a level playing field for Missouri dealerships. The city of Lee’s Summit is home to 10 major car dealerships and a number of smaller dealerships employing approximately 542 full-time and 38 part-time employees. The loss of revenue could put these businesses at a competitive disadvantage versus out of state businesses and be damaging to employees affected by the loss.

The Lee’s Summit Chamber encourages members, community leaders and residents to vote “no” on question one to keep our city economically strong. Every vote counts. For more information about the ballot issue on August 2, visit cityofls.net.