Meet a candidate: Amy Fox (4th District)

This week, we will be introducing candidates for the 4th District seat on the Lee's Summit City Council. By means of introduction, your Link 2 Lee's Summit has asked each candidate a series of questions as it relates to the business and economic growth of the city. Today, we introduce the Amy Fox.

Link 2 Lee's Summit: How do you feel the business environment has changed since the opening of the Development Center two years at City Hall?

Ms. Fox: The Development Center is a brilliant idea. Creating a "one stop shop" approach, supporting investors in their endeavors by streamlining the approval process and building relationships is a win-win for the city and the investor. 

Link 2 Lee's Summit: What role do you see the City Council playing in the community's economic development endeavors?

Ms. Fox: The City Council is essential for casting a vision for the city, policy formation and, most importantly, acting in the best interest of their constituents. 

Link 2 Lee's Summit: What is economic development to you? How do you define it?

Ms. Fox: Economic Development is the result of policies and action that promote economic growth in a community. Building a support network to help investors achieve success in the free market will ensure our city, its population and businesses flourish.

Link 2 Lee's Summit: As the Charter Review Commission looks at our City Charter, what, if any, changes to the Charter would you like to see made?

Ms. Fox: I would like language that strengthens and affirms the city's essential decision making rests with and in our elected City Council members. This will safeguard our republican form of government and the fundamental principle that all laws must be passed by our elected representatives. 

Link 2 Lee's Summit: What is the most fulfilling volunteer, board, commission or committee task you've performed in Lee's Summit in the last year, and why?

Ms. Fox: As a member of the unofficial City Council Watch Committee, the most rewarding experience was partnering with local trash haulers and fellow citizen, blocking the approval of the mandatory Flow Control Ordinance. 

Link 2 Lee's Summit: If elected, which liaison assignments would you seek?

Ms. Fox: I would like to be on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee or the Legislative and Intergovernmental Relation Committee.

Link 2 Lee's Summit: Day to day, what is the single most important quality of a city council member?

Ms. Fox: The most important quality of a City Council member is personal integrity and fidelity to the Constitution. Securing the natural rights and liberties of the people sets the stage for economic freedom which unleashes ingenuity, creativity, investment and the free movement of resources. A community that removes barriers and allows entrepreneurial activity will thrive. Where the jewel of liberty is preserved, prosperity dwells.