Business Spotlight: Money Mailer of Eastern Jackson County

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Money Mailer of Eastern Jackson County

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(816) 447-0058

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Tell us your story. What does your business offer its customers and what drives you to be the best provider of this service/product?

We offer local businesses an affordable and accountable way to get their message out to up to 50,000 of the highest income single family homes in Eastern Jackson County. We offer a full-color, two-sided, half or full page direct mail piece (large enough for lots of pictures or a menu) and include online and mobile app for full exposure. Prices to advertise start at less than 5 cents per home and you can target the area(s) that work best for your business. Money Mailer of EJC is a local, veteran, family owned and operated business. You deal directly with my wife and I who are the owners. My wife is the target demographic and just like the moms that open our envelope. We make sure the ads and offers are appealing to her so they are well received in the community. Our envelope is family friendly (no vape shops, adult stores, etc). Bottom line, if she wouldn't want it or see a need, we don't put it in there. The area we cover is where we have grown up, where our kids go to school, and where we shop.

What is the business culture? Tell us why others would want to work with/for you?

We have fun and strive to keep a better work/life balance for a stronger family.

What is a business success story from the previous three years?

One of our restaurant clients said our mailing campaign brought him more new customers than he had ever seen in his 15 years of advertising as a restaurateur in TX, OK, and MO.

Time to toot your own horn? Give us three reasons why your business rocks and why you love what you do.

We have helped home improvement businesses that have been in business for over 70 years get new customers and keep their phone ringing. 

We have restaurants that have received up to 35 coupons in a single day and others that have steadily grown each month by advertising with us.

We have medical offices that get new patients where each is worth more that a year's cost in advertising from our mailings.

It works, and we have a passion for helping local businesses grow in our community.

The company was recently named the Lee's Summit Chamber's 2016 New Member of the Year.