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Community conversation on youth suicide draws more than 100 to City Hall

Community conversation on youth suicide draws more than 100 to City Hall

More than 110 members of the Lee’s Summit community converged on City Hall Nov. 1 for the Community Conversation on Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention forum.


The program was sponsored by Lee’s Summit CARES and Parent University and was co-hosted by the City of Lee’s Summit and LSPD. Panelists from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines answered questions about mental health, suicide and other issues at the event. The panelists included including Drs. Steven and Karen Arkin of Saint Luke’s East Hospital and Saint Luke's Health System, Marsha Palmer-Thelwell of ReDiscover Behavioral Health, Terry Trafton of CommCare, Dr. Danielle Deivian of Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, Dr. Katie Collier of Lee’s Summit R-7 School District and Lee’s Summit Missouri Police Chief Travis Forbes.

“We were very pleased with the turnout. With over 100 people attending the community conversation, we are sending a clear message that this is a discussion Lee’s Summit values and wants to continue,” Lee’s Summit CARES Executive Director Rachel Segobia said. “Our expert panelists did an excellent job of providing clear, concrete takeaways for parents, educators and community members who are working with youth, including how to identify mental health problems, how to respond and how to support our young people.”

The community conversation was shown live on LSTV and can be viewed online at

In coming months, Lee’s Summit Cares will be organizing a Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee to analyze the needs of our community and adopt a Suicide Prevention program. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for this event or donating to this cause can sign up by visiting our website

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Lee's Summit Town Hall episode 33: Depression and suicide are real & we need to talk about it

We've reached a point where we can no longer talk about them from the comfort of 30,000 feet. Depression is real. The fact people are reaching points in their lives where suicide feels like a viable option is real. The need for help is real.

Just weeks after the community of Lee's Summit was forced to face this issue head on, Lee's Summit Town Hall hosts Nick Parker and Jason Norbury grabbed a few extra microphones and found a group of local experts to help us start to understand the issues of depression and it's prevalence in today's environment. They asked the panel to help us learn to better empathize and how to talk to friends, families and loved ones about depression and suicide both in terms of prevention and in the aftermath of tragedy. 

A special thank you to Terry Trafton, CEO of CommCare; Lauren Moyer and Kirsti Millar of ReDiscover, and Rachel Segobia, executive director of Lee's Summit CARES for taking an hour out of their day for this important conversation, and for their continuing efforts for the betterment of our community's health. If there are two things to pull from the ensuing conversation, it is this: communication is vital to preventing suicide and help is available.

  • National suicide prevention life line: 800.213.TALK
  • Regional crisis intervention hot line: 888.279.8188

  • Text line: 741 741
  • Regional peer warm line: 913.281.2251
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