Business Spotlight: Summit Furniture Gallery

Business Name:

Summit Furniture Gallery


905 NE Colbert Road

Lee's Summit, Mo 64086


(816) 246-1300


Web site:

Tell us your story. What does your business offer its customers and what drives you to be the best provider of this service/product?

Quality products and superior customer service. Due to our low overhead extremely awesome prices

What is the business culture? Tell us why others would want to work with/for you?

We are a family staffed business with one employee that consider a family member and pay well.

What is a business success story from the previous three years?

Many, many repeat customers

Time to toot your own horn? Give us three reasons why your business rocks and why you love what you do.

  1. Affordable latest styled good quality desirable furniture pieces and sets at several different price points
  2. We love meeting people and helping them design their dream room. Very satisfying.
  3. When previous customers return because they like the way they were treated and serviced the first time.