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Business Spotlight: Fidos & Felines Pet Sitting

Business Spotlight: Fidos & Felines Pet Sitting

Business Name:

Fidos & Felines Pet Sitting

Business Address:

2829 SW Saddlewood Dr.
Lees Summit, MO 64081

Your Phone:

(816) 529-2921




Why did you choose your location? What made it the ideal space for your business?

Our business isn't in one particular place, we are a mobile business, visiting the homes of our clients to care for their pets.

Tell us your story. What does your business offer its customers and what drives you to be the best provider of this service/product?

Our daughter, Ruth, started the business in 2003. She wanted to earn some money and cared for the pets of our neighbors. Through referrals, the business grew outside our neighborhood and in 2005, Larry & Jayne Sikyta,established Fidos & Felines, LLC, obtained liability insurance and bonding, and began marketing to the Lee's Summit area.

We have pets of our own and after boarding our dogs at a local facility, both came home with kennel cough and were extremely stressed. We thought there must be other people like us who want their pets to enjoy the sights, smells, and comforts of their own home when the pet parents cannot be there. There was a need and we wanted to fill it!

What is the business culture? Tell us why others would want to work with/for you?

This business is flexible and can fit into almost anyone's schedule. Students like to pick up some pet sits after school or in the evening, stay-at-home Moms like to visit pets during the day, and we like to schedule helpers who love pets as much as we do. We are committed to being "Your Pet's Best Friend" and are there for the pets when the owners cannot be. We have never advertised for help, rather we hand pick people to work with us who have demonstrated love, concern and responsible care for their own pets.

What is a business success story from the previous three years?

Our greatest success comes when we are able to help our clients recognize physical issues with their pets. Because we walk their dogs and pick up their feces, we know when a dog has intestinal parasites and can report that to the owner who will seek a remedy from the vet. We identified a prolapsed rectum problem with a client's dog that lead to procedures and eventually surgery to repair the problem. We carefully obtain samples from litter boxes to help diagnose urinary tract infections in cats. This is just a few of the ways we have helped people in the past three years.
Perhaps our greatest success is that we saved the life of our client;'s father when he fell while we were paying a visit to the pets. While Jayne stayed with the unconscious man, Larry called 911 and help was there quickly. Because of bleeding in his brain, he may have died there on the floor if we hadn't been there to help and acted so quickly.

Time to toot your own horn? Give us three reasons why your business rocks and why you love what you do.

While I used to say pet sitting is like being a get to love on the pets and then give them back to the owners. It is so much more than that. With our regulars, we become a part of the extended family and are there to help carry the load of pet care when they are having health issues, expanding the family through adoption or birth, covering while survivors are handling end-of-life issues. We know about birthdays, anniversaries, other family celebrations and events and we appreciate having this big family of pet owners who count on us and who care about us.

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