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LSR7 Schools Roundup

LSR7 Schools Roundup

LS North team qualifies for national BattleBOTS compeition

Summit Tech squad places fifth at regional event

Teams from Lee’s Summit North High School and Summit Technology Academy participated in the third annual BotsKC competition, held March 24-25 at Olathe Northwest High School. LSNHS qualified for nationals at the event and will compete at the National Robotics League (also known as BattleBOTS) competition, scheduled for May 18-20 in California, Pa.

A team from Lee’s Summit North, called Plan A, qualified for nationals by winning all battles at the March 25 regional contest. LSNHS also received a $1,000 grant from the National Tooling and Machining Association, a sponsor for BotsKC, to assist team members in traveling to Pennsylvania.

from LS R-7 Schools

The Summit Technology Academy team, called Cere Vis (Brain Power), finished fifth among the 19 teams.

The competition is a gladiator-style robot battle. High school and college teams work for approximately six months to design and build their lightweight robots with the creations competing against each other in three-minute matches.

Teams work closely with area manufacturing companies on their robots. BotsKC, sponsored by the Kansas City Tooling and Machining Association, is designed to introduce students to high-tech careers in a fast-paced competition. There are two Missouri regional competitions held each spring -- one in St. Louis and one in Kansas City.

For more information, about BotsKC, visit

Hazel Grove Elementary kindergarten students learn about plants by creating garden

Hazel Grove Elementary kindergarten students learned hands-on lessons about plants this spring by creating a garden. The students, along with the school’s recess supervisor Kathy Lotspeich, planted  salad greens, carrots, sugar snap peas, broccoli and cauliflower as well as a strawberry patch.

The students’ first harvest took place April 27, and students had the opportunity to have salad from the garden they planted. The students’ experience correlates with the kindergarten science curriculum which includes the needs of plants and  weather’s impact on plants.

Underwood Elementary students learn Hands-Only CPR

Fifth- and sixth-grade students from Underwood Elementary recently learned how to save a life in two simple steps. Representatives from the American Heart Association taught the students how to perform Hands-Only CPR on April 26.

The students learned how to do this type of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which is regular CPR without the mouth-to-mouth breaths. It is recommended when a teen or adult suddenly collapses in an “out-of-hospital” setting. It consists of two steps: (1) Call 9-1-1 (or ask someone to do this) and (2) push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

Cindy McCurren receives LS R-7 Learning for Life Award for May

Cindy McCurren was named the Lee’s Summit R-7 Learning for Life Award winner for May. She is a health room clerk at Pleasant Lea Elementary School.

The award is presented to one employee each month who is nominated by co-workers and selected by a staff committee.

“Cindy has a tremendous outlook when she comes to work each day, always watching out for students and their best interests,” said a colleague. “She knows instinctively what is going on with kids.”  

Congratulations to Lee's Summit R-7 retiring staff members

A total of 101 Lee’s Summit R-7 staff members were recognized at the district’s annual Retirement Reception, held May 2 at the Stansberry Leadership Center. The honored guests included staff members retiring at the end of this school year as well as those retiring anytime after the May 2016 reception.

These 101 retiring staff members have worked for a combined total of 1,940 years within Lee’s Summit R-7 plus many also worked additional years in other school districts before joining R-7.

Congratulations to all retirees, including Cheryl Anderson, Pleasant Lea Elementary cafeteria manager; Dr. Don Andrews, Stansberry Leadership Center assistant superintendent of secondary instruction; Mary Babcock, Meadow Lane Elementary paraprofessional; Steve Bailey, Richardson Elementary building manager; Jeannie Barnard, Cedar Creek Elementary teacher; Richard Barry, R-7 Facilities Services building manager; Teresa Barry, Bernard Campbell Middle School cafeteria production staff; Terri Beard, Richardson Elementary teacher; Susan Bennett, Summit Ridge Academy secretary; Dr. Brent Blevins, Stansberry Leadership Center deputy superintendent of operations; Jim Board, Prairie View Elementary custodian; Louise Brehm, Highland Park Elementary teacher; Charles Brown, R-7 bus driver; Sandy Brown, Stansberry Leadership Center athletic/activity secretary; Julie Caldwell, Meadow Lane Elementary reading specialist; Melvin Carey, R-7 bus driver; Rick Cates, Lee’s Summit North High School crew leader; Willeta Chance, Stansberry Leadership Center accounting manager; Donna Chapin, Summit Ridge Academy principal’s secretary; Susan Cline, Pleasant Lea Middle School building clerk; Linda Connelly, Meadow Lane Elementary paraprofessional; Bev Cornell, Stansberry Leadership Center human resources manager; Lisa Cox, Underwood Elementary teacher; Carl Crabtree, Prairie View Elementary counselor; Jane Crouse, Lee’s Summit Elementary health room clerk; Brian Davis, Summit Ridge Academy teacher; Cindy Denker, Lee’s Summit West High School teacher; Glenna Eaton, Hawthorn Hill Elementary teacher; Kent Eaton, Pleasant Lea Middle School teacher; Kim England, Lee’s Summit North High School teacher; Jeanne Estep, R-7 bus driver; Joel Estes, Lee’s Summit High School teacher, Susan Faulkenberry, Pleasant Lea Elementary teacher; Beth Files, Summit Lakes Middle School teacher; Randy Gammon, R-7 carpenter/locksmith; Victoria Gilbert, R-7 bus driver; LeeAnne Gourley, Greenwood Elementary teacher; John Hake, R-7 bus driver; Gary Hart, Lee’s Summit North High School teacher; Bob Harvey, Greenwood, Highland Park, Woodland and Pleasant Lea Elementary teacher and Pleasant Lea Middle School jazz band director; Ellan Helling, Summit Pointe Elementary teacher; Klonda Holt, R-7 bus driver; Susan Hornyan, Longview Farm Elementary teacher; Bill Hume, Lee’s Summit North High School library media specialist; Julie Hume, Lee’s Summit West High School teacher; Jaci Hurley, Longview Farm and Trailridge library media specialist; Bob Jones, Stansberry Leadership Center residency investigator; Carol Jordan, Lee’s Summit High School paraprofessional; Paula Kelly, Stansberry Leadership Center application specialist; Joni Kennedy, Highland Park Elementary teacher; Connie Ketteman, Lee’s Summit North High School cafeteria prep assistant; Bob Klausing, Lee’s Summit West High School teacher; Verlene Kling, Pleasant Lea Elementary and Pleasant Lea Middle School instructional evaluation specialist; Steve Lanier, Longview Farm Elementary teacher; Lynn Lysaght, Bernard Campbell Middle School secretary; Gerald Mask, R-7 bus driver; Bob Masterson, Mason Elementary custodian; Shellie Matthew, Lee’s Summit North High School teacher; Diana McClain, Lee’s Summit High School teacher; Debbie McDonald, Lee’s Summit North High School cafeteria cook; Linda McGrath, Pleasant Lea Elementary secretary; Karen McKarnin, Hawthorn Hill Elementary library media specialist; Cheryl McLaughlin, Hazel Grove Elementary and Lee’s Summit Elementary teacher; Sandee McMillin, Stansberry Leadership Center technology specialist II, Lisa McWain, Lee’s Summit West High School teacher; Kirt Mosier, Lee’s Summit West High School director of orchestras and Summit Technology Academy teacher; Michelle Myers, Trailridge Elementary teacher; Lyn Neven, Greenwood Elementary cafeteria baker; Greg Newport, Summit Lakes Middle School teacher; Gary Norris, R-7 bus driver; John Novotney, Stansberry Leadership Center assistant director data systems; Linda O’Neal, R-7 bus driver; David Owens, R-7 bus driver; Gary Perkins, R-7 Warehouse driver; Dr. Dianna Rentie, Stansberry Leadership Center executive director classified personnel; Dwayne Rex, R-7 bus driver; Rusty Rhoads, R-7 school bus mechanic; Patty Rick, Prairie View Elementary teacher; Dr. Ryan Rostine, Longview Farm Elementary principal; Jane Scanlon, Hazel Grove Elementary teacher; Linda Schroeder, Miller Park Center occupational therapy assistant; David Sears, Cedar Creek Elementary counselor; Sherrill See, Westview Elementary custodian; Tom See, Lee’s Summit West High School custodian; Linda Shady, Lee’s Summit West High School secretary; Bill Sharp, R-7 Transportation Services assistant director driver and safety; Claudia Simons, Great Beginnings Early Education Center paraprofessional; Denise Skahan, Lee’s Summit Elementary interventionist; Donna Southwick, Stansberry Leadership Center director of special services; Colleen Spedding, Prairie View Elementary teacher; Marge Steinhauser, Great Beginnings Early Education Center teacher; Berta Stephenson, Lee’s Summit Elementary cafeteria manager; Marlene Story, Stansberry Leadership Center business services specialist; Raymond Switzer, Lee’s Summit West High School teacher; Nancy Thompson, Lee’s Summit North High School teacher; Karen Transmeier, Lee’s Summit North High School licensed practical nurse/paraprofessional; Kathy Ward, Lee’s Summit West High School cafeteria manager; Susan Warner, Lee’s Summit West High School secretary; Manny Williams, R-7 bus driver; Pam Wining, Trailridge Elementary teacher; and Shirley Wolfskill, Summit Pointe Elementary cafeteria production staff.

Mason Elementary students inspire a new $1 million outdoor exhibit at Kansas City’s Science City

Mason Elementary students inspire a new $1 million outdoor exhibit at Kansas City’s Science City

City breaks ground on long-anticipated M-291/US 50 interchange project

City breaks ground on long-anticipated M-291/US 50 interchange project