Meet your candidates for mayor

Continuing its mission to keep local issues at the forefront of public conversation and to provide a means for voters to hear from candidates for local office, Link 2 Lee's Summit posed the following questions to each of the three candidates for mayor in the April 2018 municipal election.

The three candidates — Ron Williams, Bill Baird and Rob Binney — participated in a Link 2 Lee's Summit live forum on Wednesday March 7 at the VFW Jack Ray Post 5789 in downtown Lee's Summit. The event is a live-to-record special episode of Link 2 Lee's Summit's weekly podcast, Lee's Summit Town Hall and is hosted by Jason Norbury and Nick Parker.

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Mayoral candidates Ron Williams, Bill Baird and Rob Binney joined hosts Jason Norbury and Nick Parker for a public forum and recording of an episode of the Lee's Summit Town Hall podcast.

Below are the mayoral candidates' responses to Link 2 Lee's Summit's Q&A. (Note: If reading on a mobile phone, please turn to landscape in order to view candidate responses.)

Public perception over past year or two has been that the Council body is hampered by personality conflicts. Do you buy into this premise? Because the Mayor is manager of Council meetings, how will you handle personality conflicts on the dais and prevent such actions from stalling progress?
Beginning with this next term, we will see some changes to local governance based on last Springs' voter-approved changes to the City's Charter. How will the Mayor's new voting powers effect, if at all, the business of the City? How will utilize this role?
Because of changes to the City Charter, in addition to being the face of City governance, the Mayor is now a voting member of the Council. How might this affect your public voice in support of, or contradiction to, proposed economic development projects in Lee's Summit? How will you balance your role as the public face with your role as a voting member of the Council body?
What prompted you to run for public office?
Day to day, what is the single most important quality of the Mayor?
How do you perceive the role of the Mayor in our community? What are the most important duties you expect to take on?
What is the most fulfilling volunteer, board, commission or committee task you've performed in Lee's Summit during the past year and why?
What are the biggest issues and opportunities facing the community right now?