Meet your candidates for City Council district 1

Continuing its mission to keep local issues at the forefront of public conversation and to provide a means for voters to hear from candidates for local office, Link 2 Lee's Summit posed the following questions to each of the candidates for City Council in the April 2018 municipal election.

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Both Forte and Dye joined hosts Jason Norbury and Nick Parker to discuss their candidacies.

Below are the responses from District 1 candidates Diane Forte and Robert Dye. (Note: If reading on a mobile phone, please turn to landscape in order to view candidate responses.)

Public perception during the past two years has been that the current City Council body has been hampered by personality conflicts. Do you buy into this premise? What can you do as a new member of the Council to ensure the body is meeting its obligations as both representatives of the people and in leading the government?
A point of debate on the current Council has been use of reserve funds. In general, how will you weigh the pros and cons of using the City's reserves when making decisions on when the City should dip into that fund and utilize the money?
Beginning with this next term, we will see some changes to local governance based on last spring's voter-approved changes to the City's Charter. How will the Mayor's new voting powers effect, if at all, the business of the City Council? Additionally, a new ethics policy will have been written and adopted by the current Council. Tell voters a little about your own ethical standards as it relates to serving in public office.
There has been a lot of conversation from the dais, and in the public, about residential development. The current Council even called for a study on demand and capacity for multi-family and senior housing. The results of the study showed a capacity for more, but the current Council has been reticent to buy into those results. What are your thoughts on need and demand for additional multi-family and senior housing in Lee’s Summit?
Public incentives can often get a bit contentious as the Council works to decide where and how to incentivize development from the private sector. How will you weigh options and what types of projects do you think best benefit the community, and are most deserving of public incentives?
What prompted you to run for public office?
Day to day, what is the single most important quality of a City Council member?
If elected, which liaison assignments would you seek? Why are you best suited for those assignments?
What is the most fulfilling volunteer, board, commission or committee task you've performed in Lee's Summit during the past three years and why?
What are the biggest issues and opportunities facing the community right now?