Firefighters for Progress: Endorsements focus on commitments to public safety

The Lee’s Summit Fire Fighter’s Association is proud to announce our endorsements for the April 3 municipal elections:

  • Mayor - Bill Baird
  • District 2 - John Elkin
  • District 3 - Diane Seif
  • District 4 - Fred DeMoro (2 year seat)
  • District 4 - Bob Johnson (4 year seat)

Guest Editorial

Through our Firefighters for Progress political action committee, we support candidates who understand the value of public safety.  Lee’s Summit has seen tremendous growth, but unfortunately, not with the accompanying improvements in City services to match.

Market data shows that City employee pay is ranked near last against comparable cities. Employee turnover has increased and recruiting new employees has become a challenge. Continuing to lose good employees coupled with inability to replace them will lead to a decrease in the quality of services available to our citizens and put the City at increased safety and financial risk.  There is a need to have City Council members that understand how low pay affects not only the employees but the whole community.

We also support candidates who prioritize growth of services to meet the demands of our City. The fire department’s accreditation process in 2016 showed the need for 3 additional fire stations to meet national response time standards and the addition of both administrative and operational personnel. There has not been a proposal on how to meet these goals. Nor is there a plan on how to replace the aging facilities that already exist. We believe City Council members should understand that underfunding and understaffing our City services means that our community is getting less than they deserve.

The Lee’s Summit Firefighter’s Associations believes in our community.  From public education to fundraising for needy families, we have invested ourselves in Lee’s Summit. We ask that you vote on April 3 for City Council candidates that share our priorities of fixing public safety and providing the services our community desires.

Editor's Note: Firefighters for Progress is a Political Action Committee representing members of IAFF local 2195. Local 2195 is the representative union for the Lee's Summit Fire Department employees. Views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of Link 2 Lee's Summit, it's employees or any other guest contributors.