Lee's Summit Police Officers Association: Supporting candidates who work for our community & support our employees

The Lee’s Summit Police Officer’s Association is proud to announce our endorsements for the April 3rd municipal elections:

  • Mayor — Bill Baird
  • District 2 — John Elkin
  • District 3 — Diane Seif
  • District 4 — Fred DeMoro (2 Year Term)
  • District 4 — Bob Johnson (4 Year Term)

Guest Editorial

The Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association Political Action Committee supports candidates who work for our community, support our employees, focus on our citizens, and understand the importance of providing quality public safety to our residents.

Our city is constantly growing. We are bringing in businesses, building homes, and there is no doubt that the population will continue to increase. Our citizens will continue to require more services related to public safety.

Public safety is a high liability environment and police departments nationwide face an escalating recruiting crisis. In Lee’s Summit, this problem is compounded by low salaries. Current data shows that our city employee pay is on average 10% below market when measured against comparator cities. In addition, our police officers also have the lowest starting pay of all market comparators. Lee’s Summit’s overall benefit package, including significantly below average pay, makes it difficult for Lee’s Summit to retain current employees and attract quality candidates. Unless this changes, citizens can expect to see a decrease in quality of service.

The ability to retain tenured employees and recruit new quality law enforcement personnel to our organization and ensure quality services should remain a priority. That is why we support candidates who are not paralyzed because of old town politics and are willing to ensure that public safety and our citizens are a priority. Any reduction in public safety services only puts our officers and our community at risk.

The men and women of the Lee’s Summit Police Officer’s Association ask that on April 3rd you vote for those candidates who understand the importance of accountable government, while maintaining a safe community and providing the superior resources, services, and amenities our community deserves.

Editor's Note: The Lee's Summit Police Officers Association is the representative group for Lee's Summit Police Department employees. Views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of Link 2 Lee's Summit, it's employees or any other guest contributors.