Catch Pitmaster Megan Day of Burnt Finger BBQ on HSN’s new food show, 'Good Eating with Marlo Smith' Monday, April 22 from 4 to 5 p.m.

Following a decade of success on the competition circuit, Burnt Finger BBQ made its product line debut on the HSN television-shopping platform last summer.

Now Megan Day is back to talk about her amazing barbecue journey and just how easy it will be to feed their barbecue to family and friends during these busy, end of school, days. Monday's show will feature Burnt Finger BBQ's "Customer Pick" BBQ chicken drumsticks and their sauce and rub combos.

Inspired by their success on the competition circuit, Pitmasters Megan and Jason Day have been working to build a line of fully cooked barbecue that will bring the flavors of Kansas City right to HSN customer’s doorstep, ready to heat and eat.  Burnt Finger BBQ began their frozen retail career selling their famed Bacon Explosion™ direct to consumers.

“Year after year we received requests to expand our line of barbecue meats,” Megan said. “Launching with entertainment and lifestyle retailer HSN has allowed us to serve up new delicious offerings and meet a whole new audience of barbecue lovers.”

Day is no stranger to the television camera. She has been featured on the TODAY show, Food Network, and most recently Southern Living Magazine named her “One of the Most Influential Women in Southern Barbecue”.

About the Show:

Good Eating with Marlo Smith explores the ways food brings us together by inspiring the customer with curated culinary delights, delivered straight to her door. Food is an experience…it’s about tradition, treating yourself, community and memories being made around the table.

Burnt Finger BBQ’s products are available on all the HSN platforms, including and the HSN mobile app.

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