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Let the R-7 School Board race begin

Mike Allen could sit in his conference room all day and talk about the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. Not that he doesn’t have a million other things to do — or that the depth of his conversational tone is narrowed to just our school district. Allen has chaired, led and worked by example throughout Lee’s Summit in different capacities over the last two decades.

Candidates Attack! — You won't see this movie on Netflix

A society like ours depends on an informed and caring electorate going to the polls and selecting good people to represent our interests (and the interests of the state or country as well) in the halls of power. Yet the constant barrage of negativity forces us away from the political process. So worn down are we by these horrific advertisements, that we fail to look any further into the real details of what a candidate is really all about.

When 8 was (is) great

Addy simply couldn’t wait to be 8. Maybe it’s a number thing. Or an age thing. She constantly talks about (and the math geek in me loves this) how many years she can count down until she can drive and “go to college.”

What’s the latest with the downtown performance space?

What’s the latest with the downtown performance space? That’s a question that has been looming for far too long in Lee’s Summit. And while we can argue – on the surface, perhaps – the merits of a multi-million-dollar downtown performance space vs. other projects that need funding vs. raises for city employees, the fact remains that the voters approved a plan in April of 2013...

Rocks, road trips & (some) relaxing as the summer winds down

When the “back-to-school” commercials started in mid-July, I had that feeling deep in my gut. It’s the one we all remember as kids. Of course, in my schooling days, we didn’t usually start until the Tuesday after Labor Day. That weekend was certainly the final curtain call of summer. A chance to get outside, play a few final games of bicycle tag or baseball (not sure how we survived the former) and watching the street lights glow while getting in that last bit of sunlight.

Volunteerism, passed down, is indeed a special legacy

My father could tell early on I probably needed a lesson or two in humility. We didn't grow up with a lot, for sure. Multi-family housing and wearing the same shirts over multiple school years was the norm in our household of six. Despite what we didn't have, my dad felt constantly compelled to give back, give more and give his time. And often times, that included dragging the third born along for a lesson in selflessness.

Kids' game of street ball sparks memories of summertime past

One day, a few weeks ago I happened to glance out my front window. I saw a group of neighborhood kids who had just finished a bike ride, sitting down on the sidewalk. There were no cellphones or tablets in sight. Instead, these kids were laughing and having fun being with each other. In a little while one of the girls went home and got a baseball bat and a tennis ball. The baseball game began. It was the first game of street ball that I had seen in years.