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Marvel(lous) literary criticism amid the broken limbs

Hi, everyone. I made the mistake of offering to write some columns for Nick. Now he has made the mistake of accepting the offer. So, I thought I’d start with something I actually know a little about — constructing a plot to tell a story. So, I might as well cause a kerfluffle right off the bat to tell you that the Marvel universe of movies is beginning to irritate me, and most especially the latest installment, “Infinity War.”

If some City Council members don't see the Downtown ROI, they aren't looking very hard

COMMENTARY — At the June 7 City Council meeting, Johnson decided to use his valuable microphone time to question the relatively small amount that the City agrees to fund Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street — $60,000 (less than a t percent of its overall budget) due to the fact that the Community Improvement District board collects a penny tax on retail sales, which goes back to specific purposes for upkeep or marketing of our wildly popular downtown.

A 'Royal' wedding in Lee’s Summit

A faded wedding announcement from November of 1888 tells the story of this important wedding. The wedding was the biggest event this city has ever seen. It was the marriage of William B. Howard's daughter, Maria, to John R. Ranson of Kansas City whose family originally came from this area. The ceremony took place at St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church South which was located on Douglas next to where the Vogue Theatre used to be. The church was demolished years ago.