Ep. 73: Information is always good

Jason and Nick congratulate the City on its newest effort to pass information from the City Council on to residents and take a look at Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation's newest piece of real estate. Oh, and in a surprising turn of events, the guys ate tacos again.

Ep. 72: The results are in

Jason and Nick stayed up last night to bring you the results from Tuesday's primary and state-wide elections. And the Taco Review Board is back. This week, a trio of tacos from La Fuente on Douglas Street. Are you the proprietor of a local restaurant? Does your business make tacos? Let us know, we want eat them and tell the world all about them.

Ep. 70: Pearl Tavern has tacos?!?!

The Wonder Twin powers of Andy Lock and Domhall Malloy seem to have struck again. This time in form of a new seafood restaurant in the Summit Woods Crossing shopping area. Jason and Nick discuss their first foray into the menu before the promised return of our Taco Review Board. This week, we hit Stuey McBrew's Taco Tuesday specials.

In actual news, the duo discuses recent conceptual incentive request presentations to the Lee's Summit City Council. While no formal requests have been made, this is a good opportunity for the public to learn about proposed developments as well as gauge the Council's appetite for the use of incentives in these particular projects.

Ep. 69: Grow the circle, grow the giving

Sometimes there are no better community conversations to have than ones focused on people doing good works. This week, Jason and Nick sit down with Eastland Giving Circle board member Christine Foresee and founding member, Jane Stepp. Eastland Giving Circle utilizes annual donations from its membership to award a grant to one organization each year. Foresee and Stepp talk about what drew them into this organization and how it chooses its annual grant recipients. 

Ep. 68: The State of the Great American Cocktail address

It's July 4. We're celebrating our nation's independence and purposefully putting aside our serious civic discussions. Today, we want to relax, enjoy family and friends and celebrate. And since much of America enjoys mixing that celebration with a fine adult beverage or two, we thought we would once again turn to our local experts cocktails and beers, Seth Allen and Nigel Woodbury. Seth, the owner of Libations & Co., is an amateur historian, avid reader and darn good bartender (despite his lack of a tuxedo.) Nigel is, as proclaimed by hosts Nick Parker and Jason Norbury, the ambassador of downtown Lee's Summit night life. Join us this week for a discussion on the state of the great American cocktail and a look at our favorite summer beverages.

Ep. 66: We're talking ROI, baby

Mayor Bill Baird said he was ready for a City Council conversation analyzing the City's return on investment as related to funding its Public Service Agreements. The use of plural in that sentence is a little gratuitous. The reason why? Council member Bob Johnson wasted little time two weeks ago changing discussion…

Ep. 65: PSAs, raises & the budget — There's been a whole lotta talkin', but...

The budget has been at the forefront of any public conversation about our City Council for the past 8-to-10 months. And there's been no shortage of hyperbole and shots across one group or another's bow. Just this week, newly (re-) elected Council member Bob Johnson once again set his sights on the City's Public Service Agreements. But despite all the rancor, Jason and Nick point out there really aren't many differences between this year's proposed budget from the previous year. As Jason simply put it, "Ain't nobody gettin' those raises." So is the lack of drastic change good or bad? We don't yet know. But it's worth noting the change in language and tenor now that the election cycle is over.

Ep. 64: Foreseen technical difficulties

This week we learn a new term — Foreseen Technical Difficulties. It wasn't really a big deal, but Jason and Nick poke a little fun at the lack of live video during this week's City Council Budget and Finance Committee meeting. This week, the duo talks about State Senators' ability to understand 4-page documents and offer a little insight into Thursday's City staff presentation of the City's next fiscal budget.

Ep. 63: Celebrating summer and downtown Lee's Summit

The annual Downtown Days weekend is less than 10 days away. To help you get prepared for our City's biggest festival year, Jason and Nick sit down with Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street's Events Director Julie Cook and Board President Dave Eames to preview the event. And while we're on the subject of downtown, the duo take a quick look at the social and economic impact the district has on our community.

62: Community advocates, assemble!

Jason and Nick talk a little about the Lee's Summit City Council. But this week, they're men on a mission. One of the many vital community not-for-profits, One Good Meal, is experiencing some financial difficulties and needs some. The duo makes a plea for residents and business owners to reach out to One Good Meal and make a donation to help support this local group and the people it serves.

Ep 60: Some needed perspective from our youth

A conversation with students from Kristen Pierson’s Allied Health class at Summit Tech Academy about “Being a teen in 2018.” This special conversation serves as a launching pad for a teen survey put out by the community task force ReDiscover's Kerri Gray introduced last week.

Ep 59: We mustn't deviate; but sojourn on

Kerri Gray, prevention manager for ReDiscover, joins the show to discuss a community task force sponsored by Lee's Summit CARES focusing on youth mental health and suicide prevention. The task force was born after community response to a pair of suicides in the Lee's Summit community this past fall. The goal of the task force, she says, is both to keep on mental health at the forefront of public conversation, but also to provide a needed resource for parents in search of help and answers for their children.

Ep. 58: The Mayoral transition

In one of his first acts as newly elected mayor, Bill Baird has tabbed fellow newcomer Jose "Beto" Lopez to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore. Both have just begun their first terms as elected city officials. Jason and Nick chat a bit about this move, as well as their favorite civic-nerd topic, public incentives for development before bringing on now former Mayor Randy Rhoads for a short conversation and look back at his years of service to the Lee's Summit community.

Ep. 56: Apparently, every vote does matter

"One man can make a difference." That line was in the opening sequence for the 80s tv show, Knight Rider. Tuesday night in Lee's Summit, the words rang true as a pair of City Council raises were won by the narrowest of margins — one by just 5 votes. Lee's Summit Town Hall hosts Jason Norbury and Nick Parker break down the spring 2018 municipal election offer some thoughts on what we can learn from the results and how the next Council body may conduct its business. For full election results, visit Link 2 Lee's Summit's elections page.

Ep. 55: A final look at the candidates and issues

This election season has been a long strange trip, man. With one week to go before the Tuesday's election, Nick and Jason take final look at the candidates and the issues voters are mulling before heading to the polls. But first, the duo takes a moment to scold the involved parties for how the season's biggest issue — compensation for City employees — has been handled. The rhetoric, they say, has prevented not only effective dialogue, but also an actual solution to the problem.

Ep. 54: Well, that was unexpected

For anyone who event passively follows the goings on in the City Council Chambers, there was no doubt  what was going to happen at last week's Council meeting. Turns out, we were all wrong. Jason and Nick take a quick look at the possible election day fallout...