This is Nick & Jennie Swearngin

For these two, it's kind of like a local version of the old Kevin Bacon game. In a town of nearly 100,000 people, it's hard to pinpoint a few people whom everyone knows. But when it comes to this couple, the chances of you having a connection to them in 6 degrees or less may be slightly higher. In addition to being the second-generation proprietor of John's Barber Shop in downtown Lee's Summit, or of the local accounting firm of Parker Swearngin, LLP, this duo have committed much of their adult lives to various community service efforts in and around Lee's Summit.

This is Nick and Jennie Swearngin.

In this week's episode of Community Voices, host Nick Parker sits down with the Swearngins to reminisce about the widely popular and effective Head Shave for Hope House event, their involvement in downtown Lee's Summit, and a number of other things they do, or have participated in, throughout the community.

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