Peeking in on our Council

Lee's Summit Town Hall hosts Nick Parker and Jason Norbury look back at last week's District 3 Town Hall with Council members Diane Seif and Phyllis Edson before taking a look at this week's Council agenda. The Lee's Summit City Council is back in session this week after nearly a month off. On the agenda this week — at least for now — is the long-anticipated and voter-mandated Council code of ethics. Nick and Jason challenge each of the Council members to offer some dialogue on the issue before voting, so residents are given the courtesy of knowing their elected official's reasoning. Also on the agenda this week is a presentation on a study of the City's compensation philosophy. Compensation and benefits for City employees, including members of the police and fire departments, will be an issue in the coming months. On this topic, Nick and Jason offer up another challenge. This one not just for sitting elected officials, but also for any candidates seeking election this spring. The duo call for our current and would-be representatives to go beyond empty support of pay increases, and offer solutions and dialogue on how this can be achieved. The second part, is the conversation voters should demand.